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Customizable, Clean & Comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Hazmat warehousing

Safe & compliant warehousing for hazardous materials.


Optimized supply chain management for efficient operations.

Order fufillment

Accurate & fast fulfillment solutions to meet your demands.

Industrial workspace

Dedicated & shared spaces with modern amenities to support your warehousing needs.

Salt I: 2301 Cottontail Lane, Somerset, NJ
Caters to general warehousing


Customizable Warehouse Terms: Footprint available from 1,000-40,000 sq.ft, short to long-term leases, flexibility in dedicated and shared labor, material handling equipment & technology.

Clean Storage: Meticulously clean & pest-controlled environment.

Comprehensive Solutions: Bulk storage, trans-loading, cross-docking, 3PL, port services, freight consolidation.

Value added Services:



Custom Labeling


Quality Control Checks


Safe & Secure Chemical Storage:Salt Logistics minimizes risks with 24/7 monitored facility with our secure CCTV surveillance system for secure hazardous materials (Hazmat) storage.

Diverse Hazmat Handling: We handle a wide range of chemicals, including flavor and fragrances.

Comprehensive Inventory Management & Support: Get real-time control, on-site technical assistance, and peace of mind with our exceptional services.

Salt II: 645 Howard Ave, Somerset, NJ
Caters to chemical warehousing


Simplify Your Supply Chain: Leveraging smart tech, we streamline your operations, reduce costs, and ensure on-time deliveries. From receiving and storage to efficient picking, packing, and shipping, we're your one-stop logistics partner.

Reduce Costs, Speed Up Deliveries: Salt Logistics cuts your transportation expenses and gets your products delivered faster. We choose the best carriers based on your needs, saving you money and optimizing delivery times.

Order fufillment

Effortless E-commerce Fulfillment: Manage inventory, fulfillment, and shipping for all channels on one platform. We simplify logistics with inventory and warehouse management software.

Unified Control & Insights: Gain complete visibility across your e-commerce operations. Our single dashboard offers real-time inventory and order analytics across all sales channels.

Streamlined B2B & DTC Fulfillment: Automate your B2B and DTC processes with EDI. We offer seamless fulfillment for direct-to-consumer and business-to-business orders.

Industrial Workspace

Workspaces:Private offices, dedicated cubicles, co-working community with connectivity, creativity, and a professional environment.

Convenient Location: Located in Somerset, NJ near major highways and airports.


Key card access

Conference room

Office supplies

High-speed internet

Recreation center

Kitchen pantry

Natural lighting

Outdoor spaces

Many more!

Products Handled

Household Goods

Glass, plastics, chinaware, furniture and many more

Drums & Totes

Perfumes, fragrances, flavors, oil and many more


Corrugated boxes


All dry goods, canned goods, candy and many more

Health & Beauty

Cream, powder, hair products, and many more


Clothing, shoes and many more

Case Study

Expanding Distribution Safely for Overseas Leading Aroma Chemical Company



Highly regarded oversesas leading aroma chemical company needed to expand their distribution network, but their hazardous materials required specialized handling and secure transportation.



Hazmat-compliant storage: Certified facility, trained personnel, and advanced safety measures ensured safe and legal storage.

Secure transportation: Hazmat-certified carriers delivered chemicals safely and efficiently.

The client successfully expanded their distribution network, focusing on their core business while ensuring a safe and compliant supply chain.

About Us

Experience, Expertise & Excellence:

Founded in October 2020, our team leverages 35+ years of combined experience to deliver warehousing and 3PL solutions across diverse industries. We cater to Retail, E-commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Life Sciences, Pharma/Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Paper & Packaging, and Household Products. With hazmat capabilities and food compliance, we ensure the safekeeping of your inventory.

Let's partner for your success!

pallets and workers in a shipping warehouse

What our customers say

"We have been working with Salt Logistics for over 4 years and have had nothing but great service.  The team at Salt is hard-working, honest, and fair. Not only do they meet our needs they go above and beyond in times of emergencies. I highly recommend them."

David Zrike

Zrike Brands

What our customers say

"Salt Logistics have been doing a phenomenal job for our business. No Job is ever too small or big for them to handle. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for our warehousing!"


Shalam Imports

What our customers say

"Salt logistics warehouse is one of the best warehouses I have seen in my 20 years of business. Their entire team is highly trained ... The warehouse is very nicely organized for each and every customer with proper labels and instructions, making it very easy to locate inventory. This is one of the first warehouses I have seen where they clean the floor frequently with a state-of-the-art commercial sweeper and overall, the warehouse is very clean."

Mike Shah

Angel Distributors

What our customers say

"We have an amazing experience working with this warehouse. The customer service is outstanding. Always ready to help and fast response. We are more than pleased with the services we receive from
this business; they always go above and beyond to accommodate our necessities."

Yulissa Molina

Genesis Aroma